IdleLands: The Best Idle MMORPG

Idle your way to greatness!

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What is IdleLands?

IdleLands is an Idle MMORPG. The project was originally started in 2012 and has been updated many times since. Collect and acquire pets, explore a vast hand-crafted world, destroy that world's guardians, achieve all sorts of achievements and collect all sorts of strange collectibles in game to bolster your abilities! The best part? Getting started is easy!


IdleLands is available on all modern platforms (web, desktop, mobile). Native apps for Android and iOS are coming soon!

Maximum Idle

99% of the games features are accessible completely through idling. You can optionally control and influence your character if desired.

Achieve Greatness

A wide variety of achievements exist in game so you'll always have a goal to work towards.