About Ascending

written by Reaper, edited by boozle

Ascension is an option that unlocks once you hit max level, in order to increase your level cap and your progression. By ascending, you will reset back to level 1 and be teleported back to the starting square in Norkos town. You will keep most Accomplishments, but will lose any Achievements that are based on your current level, such as Leveler. Premium upgrades, as well as ILP, will be kept. You will also keep all your purchased pets. Pets you haven’t purchased will remain available, unless you no longer meet their unlock requirements. All Collectibles you’ve found will stay in your Collectibles tab, but you will need to collect them again if you require them for treasures or passageways. Since you no longer “have” the collectible, you can gain more ILP by collecting them again. All items equipped to you and your pets will be lost, except for whatever is in your Providence, Soul, and Trinket slots. All inventory items will be lost (including Trinkets). Your choice log will also be cleared, and you will lose all Gold held by both you and all of your pets.

If you are in a guild, it makes sense to salvage or sell all your items and donate all your gold, wood, clay, stone and astralium to the guild before ascending.

By ascending your max level cap will now be raised by how many times you have ascended times 10. So for your first ascension your max level will increase by 10 from 100 to 110, and for your second it will raise by 20 from 110 to 130. In general you can calculate your maximum level after n ascensions as 5n2 + 5n + 100. After ascending, you will have access to more places and will continue to gain access to more places as you ascend.

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