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Supporting IdleLands

If you’re interested in supporting IdleLands, that would be great! To simplify matters (and avoid PayPal), I’ve set up a Patreon and I would greatly appreciate if all support going forward was added there!

So, what do you get for supporting IdleLands? Turns out, it’s some cool stuff!

  • A Discord role that shows how awesome you are.
  • An in-game achievement with some small perks, including a Donator-only title and pet.
  • A unique pet (the Golden Floating Broom) which is aimed to be an average mid-tier pet.
  • Your active pet will follow you on the world map.
  • +20-30 (depending on Patreon tier) adventure log entries.
  • +10-15 (depending on Patreon tier) choice log items.
  • +2-3 (depending on Patreon tier) buff scroll hours.
  • +10-15 (depending on Patreon tier) inventory capacity.
  • +100-150 (depending on Patreon tier) max item cap %.
  • +2-3 (depending on Patreon tier) item enchant cap.
  • +2-3 (depending on Patreon tier) max pet missions visible.
  • +6-9 (depending on Patreon tier) max stamina.
  • +2-3 (depending on Patreon tier) max quests.
  • -1 minute stamina regen.

To claim these rewards, you must back the Patreon, join our Discord, link your Discord to Patreon, and then (lastly), in game, link your Discord tag (this can be done on the Settings page). It’s a bit convoluted, but it works for now.

Having Trouble? Something Not Working?

Sometimes, things don’t work as expected. Here are some things to try in case you aren’t linked up correctly.

  • If your discord was previously linked before you backed on patreon, you might just have to hit the “update” button again.
  • Try logging out and logging back in (not refreshing the page) - this forces a resync of achievements.

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