Event Replacements

All events in IdleLands have a few base “replacements” that personalize events. They are:

replacement replaced with
%player the event initiaiors name
%pet the event initiators pet name
%guild the event initiators guild name
%guildMember a random member from the event initators guild
%hisher “his”, “her” or “their”
%hishers “his”, “hers”, or “theirs”
%himher “him”, “her”, or “their”
%she/%heshe “he”, “she”, or “they”
%Hisher “His”, “Her” or “Their”
%Hishers “His”, “Hers”, or “Theirs”
%Himher “Him”, “Her”, or “Their”
%She/%Heshe “He”, “She”, or “They”

Some events also offer their own replacements, they are:

  • BlessItem, ForsakeItem, FindItem, Enchant, Merchant, Switcheroo - %item - the new item name
  • BlessGold, BlessGoldParty ForsakeGold - %gold - the total gold modifier
  • BlessXP, BlessXPParty, ForsakeXP - %xp - the total xp modifier
  • Merchant - %shopCost - the cost of the item in the shop
  • Party - %partyName - the name of the new party
  • Party - %partyMembers - the string of all the other members in the party
  • Switcheroo - %stat - the stat being switcheroo’d

TODO: write about $dict$, $chance$ and the other “dig in” replacements.

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