Divine Direction

written by Gk

While viewing the map, clicking on any tile will set your Divine Direction (DD) target. Click again anywhere on the map to remove the target.

Your character will generally, but not always, move closer to your target on each movement tick. It will not path intelligently around obstacles. All triggers occur with DD; you will collect/touch, engage bosses, and change areas, etc as normal according to your personality settings.

Attempting to move large distances will tend to get you stuck, unless moving through very open terrain. Short waypoints are more reliable and allow much greater control over your travel.

On arrival, your character will attempt to stay in the vicinity, but will not stop on the target. DD lasts 360 ticks (30 minutes). It is freely refreshed at will, and has no cooldown. Using DD will build your “Divine” achievement; boosting your maximum stamina at certain milestones of divine steps taken.

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