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Collectibles are displayed as a white question mark on the map, They are unique items often related to the area or enemies surrounding the collectible.

You can view all the collectibles you have earned via the ‘Accomplishments’ tab, From there you will be able to see when each item was collected, how many times you have ‘touched’ it and what area it was collected from.
The six colors represent the rarity of the collectible, ordering as gray > white > green > blue > purple > black

Hovering the collectible on the map will display a tooltip with the collectible name and description. If you have already collected the collectible you will see an [Owned!] suffix. If you have ascended after collecting a collectable the [Owned!] tag will be replaced with [Seen!] until you collect it again.

Collecting collectibles

There are three ways to collect a collectible:

1) When your character walks over it on the map
2) As loot from a pet adventure
3) As loot from a boss fight

Rewards and uses

Some collectibles will unlock doors, portals or chests allowing you to access loot, bosses, trainers or new areas. You will need to re-collect the collectible after each ascension if you wish to regain access.

Some collectibles will unlock various pets. You will still need to purchase the pet from the ‘Pets’ section using gold.

Collecting a minimum of 25 collectibles will grant you the tier 1 “Collector” achievement, offering a small multiplier to all primary stats. Upon reaching tier 5 (125 collectibles) you will earn the “Collector of Collectibles” title.

Touching a minimum of 10 collectibles will grant you the tier 1 “Touchy” achievement, offering a small experience multiplier.
Upon reaching tier 5 (100,000 touches) you will earn the “Touchy Feely” title.

Collecting collectibles will also grant you ILP, A currency exclusive to the Premium store. Higher rarity collectibles will reward greater ILP.


  • Use Divine Direction (DD) to easily navigate towards collectibles.
  • If you mark a collectible with Divine Direction (DD) your character will continually touch the collectible every few ticks, This is currently the quickest way to earn the “Touchy” achievement.


A collectible found in Maeles Town
Maeles Town Collectible

A tooltip listing the required items to use the teleport.
Locked Teleport Example

A white collectable that unlocks the “Red Spirit” pet.
Red Spirit Pet Collectible

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