Premium Upgrades

written by Reaper

Premium upgrades are upgrades you can purchase with ILP. Here are the premium upgrades, and their functions:

  • Adventure Log - increases your adventure log size by 1. It allows you to hold more activity in your log before disappearing.
  • Choice Log - your choice log size goes up by 1. You get to hold more choices before you cap out.
  • Enchant Cap - your enchant cap increases by 1. The default cap is set at 10, you gain enchantments through events and by buying them when they show up in your choice log.
  • Inventory Size - your inventory size goes up by 1. You start with 10 spaces for gear in your inventory and you can use this to hold more.
  • Item Stat Cap - your max item boost % goes up by 10%. When you acquire gear it will have a percentage next to it which can indicate an increase or a decrease in stats. This upgrade will increase your max stat cap, which starts at 300%.
  • Buff Duration - Your buff scroll duration goes up by 1 hour. You will be able to receive scrolls that increase stats through the Astral Gate. This will increase their duration.
  • Pet Mission Cap - The number of pet missions you have increases by 1. You start out capped at 3 pet missions and this will increase how many missions you have simultaneously. This means you can send more pets on missions at the same time.
  • Max Stamina Boost - Your max stamina increases by 5. Stamina is used for pet abilities and class abilities.
  • Injury Threshold - This stat is not purchasable, but is upgradable via pets. This stat is what will limit you from fighting if you accumulate too many injuries. When your current injury total exceeds this limit, you will not be able to enter combat.
  • Max Pets In Combat - This stat is not purchasable, but increases via effects from Archer and Necromancer. By default, this stat is set to 1, but the aforementioned classes are able to bring more pets into combat to help them fight.

In general, you can increase these stats by getting achievements, class abilities, ILP purchases and through permanent upgrades which you receive from your pets.

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