About Classes

written by Brooke Renna

There are 15 classes available to play as, some available straight away and some that require a little seeking out. All new players start as the Generalist, but your class can be switched by finding a Trainer in the world (Hover your mouse over people on the map to see a tooltip about who they are!) and stepping on the tile they’re in. This will bring up a choice in your choice log enabling you to switch class (Note: you can only have one change class choice in your log at any time).

All classes have different styles in battle, different weighting to their stats and different abilities. Many class abilities improve based on your level, how often you’ve switched to that class, or how often you’ve used that ability.

So, what are the classes and what do they do?


Sniper and tamer, the Archer uses their DEX stat primarily to deal damage, with abilities in battle such as strong shots and assaults against single enemies or spread shots to target a group. Outside of battle, the Archer can use their ability:

Pet Phenomenon: Bring more pets to aid in combat. (30 stamina)


Bringing the fury, the Barbarian uses their STR stat primarily to attack, and buffs themselves in battle using their special Rage stat to boost their STR and deal damage! Outside of battle, the Barbarian can use their ability:

Duel: Begin a duel with a random player. (30 stamina)


Every adventure needs a great soundtrack, and the Bard uses their special song stat and singing voice to deal damage, drain a targets stats or buff members of their party. Outside of battle, the Bard can use their ability:

Orchestra: Start a random festival that lasts an hour. (60 Stamina)

Bardic Festivals provide buffs (or debuffs) to all players while active.


What happens when computing and magic combine? The Bitomancer! Using their special Bit stat (based on their INT) they can “hack” the battle, changing the combat round, dealing damage or leeching stats. Outside of battle, the Bitomancer can use their ability:

Hack the System: Improve you and your party’s combat stats. (30 Stamina)


With restoring power, the Cleric uses their STR stat to deal damage, and their special Mana stat (based on INT) to call forth holy bolts, and heal or even revive their allies. Outside of battle, the Cleric can use their ability:

Cure Injury: Cure an injury from each of your party members (20 Stamina)


Guts and glory, the Fighter uses their STR stat to deal damage in single or multiple strikes, and can bulk up their STR in battle! Outside of battle, the Fighter can use their ability:

Experiencer: Give your party an XP buff based on your Luck. (20 Stamina)


Jack of all trades, the Generalist uses a combination of all their stats to increase their damage, and can boost any of their stats randomly, or restore some of their health based on their HP stat. Outside of battle, the Generalist can use their ability:

Generalize: Gain XP based on your Luck (25 stamina)


Always up for a laugh, the Jester uses their LUK to deal damage, can boost allies LUK or drain it from enemies, and can roll the dice to modify the HP of anyone on the battlefield! Outside of battle the Jester gains bonus to their xp and skills based on their LUK, and can use their ability:

Jest: Surely you jest. (1 stamina)

This ability is just for fun, but may earn you some achievements or titles for multiple uses!


Wielding the elements, the Mage uses their INT to deal damage, and their special Mana stat (based on INT) to conjure fireballs and frostbite on the enemy and boost their brain in battle to increase INT! Outside of battle, the Mage can use their ability:

Alchemy: Gain GOLD based on your INT (10 Stamina)


Not your common garden monster, the MagicalMonster can drain any stat, and use their INT to heal themselves or injured allies and fling fireballs to deal damage. Truly magical! Outside of battle, the MagicalMonster can use their ability:

Tempt Fate: Sing a fateful song, and find out what happens next! (30 stamina)

The song of the MagicalMonster triggers a Providence event.


Not to be upstaged by its magical cousin, the Monster can sacrifice its own HP to deal large damage to an enemy, and can go into stasis to recover some of its health. Outside of battle, the Monster can use their ability:

Swap Fiend: Perform two switcheroos on yourself. (30 Stamina)


Conjuring dark magic, the Necromancer can drain the stats of enemies using their own HP, and then regain some HP by draining it from the enemy too! Using their special Minions stat, they can summon minions to fight for them in battle! Outside of battle, the Necromancer can use their ability:

Bone Minions: Summon extra minions to join you in your next few combats. (40 Stamina)


Fresh from plundering, the Pirate uses their STR stat to deal damage and their special Bottle stat to increase STR of themselves or an ally, attack by vomiting over the enemy, or by throwing their empty bottles for large damage! Outside of battle, the Pirate can use their ability:

Pillage: Acquire a random item. (30 Stamina)


Keep your eyes on your coin purse, as the Rogue uses DEX and AGI to deal damage and their special Energy stat to strike with a poisoned blade and deal damage over time, recover some HP, or throw a smoke bomb to temporarily disorient the target and reduce AGI or DEX for some time. Outside of battle, the Rogue can use their ability:

“Good Luck”: Create a positively golden windfall for yourself. (30 Stamina)

The Rogue’s ability helps them “happen upon” some bonus gold!


Creating flavour sensations near you, the SandwichArtist can start food fights that attack and can randomly boost or drain stats of all others on the battlefield! They can also cook up a burnt sandwich that deals damage over time to an enemy or a heavenly sandwich to heal an ally, both based on the CON stat of the SandwichArtist. Outside of battle, the SandwichArtist can use their ability:

Panhandle: Give your party a GOLD buff based on your LUK. (20 Stamina)

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