About Pets

Pets are a crucial game mechanic that adds depth to the game. There are a number of different pages under the “Pets” tab: Active Pet Stats, Active Pet Gear, All Pets and Adventures. You can find out more about Pet Adventures in it’s separate help page.

Under “Active Pet Stats” you can find your currently active pet and its stats. Make sure to take the gold that your pet has before it gets full. You can also use the Pet Ability, which costs stamina. The ability depends on which attribute your pet has and you can find the names, descriptions and stamina costs of each ability on GitHub. Some abilities need to be unlocked, for example Ferocious is unlocked when you have used pet abilities 256 times through the Animal Admiral achievements (use curse to do this quickly). Below the ability, you can upgrade your active pet using gold. Some upgrades also require you to have enhanced your pet a number of times before you can purchase them. If you’re not happy with the name, gender, affinity or attribute of your pet you can always reroll them using the menu in the top right of the page.

Under “Active Pet Gear” you can equip items from your inventory just like you do with your player. Each pet has a different number of slots and types of gear they can accept so check that for each pet individually.

Under “All Pets” you can see an overview of all your pets and it is the place where you can activate a different pet. Each pet shows when you can next gather, which means you need to activate that pet to collect all the ILP and items that your pet has gathered over time. If you can buy a new pet this will also appear under this tab below all the pets you already own. Different pets have different unlock requirements, as you can see in this table courtesy of ZeroHands2Feet: Pet Unlock Requirements

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