Bug Bounties

So you found a bug – that’s awesome! I like hearing about bugs because it means I can fix something that’s broken! To do that, I need your help.

Going forward, some bugs may be given a bounty (with in game rewards, such as gold or ILP). If you can give me enough information on the bug, you get the bounty after I fix it! Simple, right?

As I stated, not all bugs will be applicable for a bounty (but please report them anyway!). Most namely, the bugs that would get a bounty meet some or all of these criteria:

  • Is a game-breaking bug (the game literally freezes, for example).
  • Allows you to do something you really should not be able to do. For example, buying negative ILP.
  • Is hard to track down or reproduce reliably.

Interested? Great. For current bug bounties, please check out this list of bugs.

If you’re a developer and successfully fix a normal bug issue, I’m happy to negotiate a bug bounty for those as well!

Thanks, and happy hunting!

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